Twenty One Pilots Tour 2017 Emotional Roadshow

The Emotional Roadshow has been going on for a long time now, but it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the upcoming year. One of the worlds most popular bands is continuing on in that means that you can see the Twenty One Pilots tour 2017 without worry. All of the fans of this band can rest easy because there is still lots of opportunities to see them perform in person. There are tons of scheduled concert dates already available, and as we get deeper into the new year there’s a good chance even more shows will be put on the books.

What you are going to want to do is buy tickets immediately because they are going to get any lower in price, and as other fans get wind of these new dates you can be sure that prices could go up, or tickets could get more scarce. Purchasing your seats well before the show is set to take place is a great way to get better seats and also save yourself some cash. Their most recently released record which they are currently touring for is called “Blurryface” and is a worldwide sensation that has had these guys playing live concerts for the past couple years nonstop.

This record was originally put out in 2015 on May 19. There are lots of great songs on the album, but none are as popular as they are breakout sensation hit which rocketed them to worldwide fame called stressed-out. Not only do fans love it, but it is also performing extremely well on the Billboard charts. It is managed to take the number one position in a variety of different Billboard charts like the rock charts as well as some others. It even performed strongly on the mixed chart where songs from every genre are trying to get that number one position.

They surprised their fans by putting out blurry face a bit earlier than expected and they still sold more than 100,000 records in the first week of sales alone. This catapulted them into the top 200 on the Billboard charts and it was a major first for the band as they were never able to place on the Billboard charts before. Not only are the fans eating up the band, and not only are they having a lot of success with record sales and critics, but they are winning lots of awards to. For example they took home an award at the 2016 music awards from Billboard as the top rock album and the top rock artist. Those are some heavy hitting awards.

If you wanted to buy Twenty One Pilots tickets 2017 before the current year, then the first chance you would of had would be back in 2015 on May 11 when they started touring in promotion of blurry face in Scotland. The first show that ever took place on American soil was on September 8 and it happened over in Washington DC. It probably seems like a lifetime for the members of the band, but they are not slowing down at all and they are still putting on excellent performances night after night.

These guys are taking the Twenty One Pilots tour 2017 all over the world. They have already performed in countries like Australia, the United States, Japan, Europe, as well as many other places. When they aren’t playing shows for their emotional roadshow they are often found performing their hit songs on all kinds of late-night TV programs in America. They definitely stay busy, and you should purchase your tickets soon because you never know when they will take a break after such a busy schedule on the road.